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Shital Rane - Owner & AdministratorShital Rane – Owner & AdministratorShital Rane is the owner and administrator of Home Care Assistance of Philadelphia and has earned a Master’s in Business Administration and Mathematics. Shital has worked on Lehigh University and Moravian College campuses and has more than a decade of community volunteering experience. She has been on the Community Advisory Committee and active member of the Parent Teacher Organizations in all elementary, middle and high school levels in the district. She has taught art lessons and yoga lessons to adults and children in the community for years. Shital grew up in India in a small family with her parents, two siblings, and grandparents. She helped with the aiding of her grandmother, who was confined to her house for 25 years with severe arthritis who had to do all activities without being able to stand. Before her grandfather struggled with Alzheimer for 10 years, she learned many valuable life lessons from her grandfather, who would continually tell stories full of wisdom that only an elderly person possesses from the morning hours when they went on a walk to see the sun rise to evening hours, after the lights would go out. “We were really spoiled with those stories,” Shital proclaims with a smile as she reminisces about those special times. And it was there where her love and care of the elderly began. At 23, Shital moved to Pennsylvania and has made a life for herself here with her husband and two highly-involved teenage daughters of her own now. With Diabetic, Arthritis, Vision and Hearing loss conditions she made a point to travel back home in summers to help with her now aging in-laws and parents, although proven very difficult to do though she does it as often as she can. So, as the owner of Home Care Assistance of Philadelphia location, Shital is intimately aware of challenges of distant caregiving to loved ones. She is passionate about relieving some stress and worries from families with aging parents. She is determined to change the way the world ages, one client at a time.

 Mary Anne Cortez – Employee Care Manager Mary Anne Cortez – Employee Care Manager

Mary Anne Cortez is the Employee Care Manager at Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Philadelphia. She has over twenty years of leadership experience in design, production and manufacture for the direct mail industry and is a certified Lean/Six-Sigma black belt. Additionally, Mary Anne has a BA in Fine/Commercial Art from the College of New Jersey, and extensive SAP, ISO & Environmental and Dale Carnegie training.
Born in California, Mary Anne was the child of an Air Force officer and at last count has moved 26 times and resided in five states. Her one childhood constant was “home” at her maternal grandparents – a place filled with love and senior aged friends who shared their time with Mary Anne and her siblings. They watched as one-by-one their senior friends struggled with dementia, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis – and as her parents, aunts and uncles supported them through the end stages of full and active lives. As an adult, Mary Anne and her siblings assumed the role of caregiver for their parents and in-laws, and were in awe of the loving care visiting nurses and hospices caregivers provided. Her mother passed in 2010 after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer, and her father followed in 2014.
Mary Anne’s personal experiences with her grandparents and parents stirred a desire to volunteer and apply a lifetime of acquired skills to helping others in need. With close a decade of volunteering she has served in various roles for local charitable organizations and as a board member for Next Step Foundation in Terre Haute, Indiana. Mary Anne believes Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method™ elevates caregivers by allowing them to focus not only on a client’s physical requirements; but also their emotional, mental and spiritual needs. She is thrilled to be part of the team, and is committed to helping them achieve their mission to “Change the Way the World Ages” in Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia Counties and the surrounding areas!

 Thandeka “Thandi” Ncube – Employee Care Manager Thandeka “Thandi” Ncube – Employee Care Manager

Thandi Ncube is an Employee Care Manager at Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Philadelphia. Born in Zimbabwe, Thandi was the child of a university professor and an educator/artist. As a child, Thandi wanted to follow her parents in the field of education. Despite being a shy child, she was passionate about dancing and known as the “little cousin” who always danced at family gatherings. She comes from a huge close-knit family with over 34 aunts and uncles, and more cousins than she can count! It was during the many family gatherings that Thandi was first exposed to caring for senior aged relatives.
Being an observer of friends and family, Thandi became interested in human behavior and in childhood development. Her early studies were in human development and social relations, but she later changed her major to psychology and recently graduated from Earlham College with a BA in Psychology. Thandi is continuing her studies and pursuing a master’s degree in Trauma and Crisis Counseling. Although she is focused on Children / Child Crisis Centers, she found herself developing a curiosity about caring for the elderly. This newfound interest can be attributed to her time spent caring for an elderly relative during his recovery at home from cancer treatments.
Initially coming to Home Care Assistance as a caregiver, Thandi has hands on experience with supporting client health and happiness using our Balanced Care Method (BCM). Thandi was drawn to HCA Philadelphia’s values and their exciting approach to client care focused on enhancing lives. She believes her background in Psychology couples well with HCA’s proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), which exercises different aspects of client care to promote healthy longevity through controllable lifestyle factors. She is dedicated to hiring qualified and talented caregivers who will provide the same level of care and support to clients as they would give to parents or elderly loved ones.

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