Good & Bad Foods for Older Adults with High Cholesterol

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Healthy and Unhealthy Foods for Elders with High Cholestrol in Philadelphia, PA

One of the most dangerous aspects of high cholesterol is that it typically causes no symptoms for the first few years. This is one of the reasons all seniors need to be proactive about keeping their cholesterol within a healthy range as they grow older. Here are some of the best and worst foods for high cholesterol and a few tips seniors can use to keep their LDL levels as low as possible.

Eat These Foods:

Scrambled Eggs

For many years, scientists believed egg yolks could increase LDL levels, but they now know this isn’t true. Eating eggs increases the “good” cholesterol known as HDL, and some preliminary studies suggest it might lower LDL levels as well. When making scrambled eggs, seniors should try to keep the milk, cheese, and other forms of dairy to an absolute minimum.

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Dark Chocolate

Seniors who have a sweet tooth will be glad to hear dark chocolate is a heart-healthy treat when eaten in moderation. Unsweetened dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants that boost cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation in the arteries. The flavonoids found in dark chocolate also lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, and strengthen artery walls.

Fatty Fish

Many cardiovascular specialists tell seniors to take omega-3 fatty acid supplements once or twice a day. This vital compound can reduce many of the risk factors for heart disease like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Seniors who need more omega-3 fatty acids in their diet should eat a few servings of salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, trout, or herring every week. Cooking the fish with extra virgin olive oil and garlic can further strengthen the heart and arteries.

Avoid These Foods:

Chips and Fries

Even though potatoes can be somewhat healthy if eaten in moderation, they lose almost all of their nutrients when they are cooked in processed vegetable oil. If seniors would like to cook their own potatoes, they might want to switch over to sweet potatoes and use a healthier oil substitute such as avocado oil. Some of the other fried foods seniors should avoid include fried chicken, pork rinds, onion rings, and calamari.

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Processed Meats

Baked or grilled cuts of lean meat are an excellent source of protein, but seniors need to be wary of processed meats like bologna, bacon, salami, and hot dogs. Even products that are marketed as being healthy often have large amounts of sodium and trans fat. Processed meats have been associated with a variety of major health conditions, ranging from strokes to certain forms of cancer.

Conventional Dairy Products

Most conventional dairy products contain substances that trigger the production of LDL. Seniors who have high cholesterol should steer clear of dairy-based foods like whole milk, sliced cheese, and butter. As an alternative, they can try fermented dairy products such as kefir or cultured yogurt.

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