4 Ways Home Modifications Can Benefit Seniors

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4 Modifications to Make to a Senior's Home in Philadelphia, PA

Your senior loved one’s home may be where he or she raised children and built a lifetime of memories, which is why he or she may want to continue living in it. Most places seniors call home weren’t built with the elderly in mind, but with a few modifications your loved one’s home can be transformed into a safe and welcoming place to live and receive high-quality Philadelphia home care.

1. Functionality

Renovating your loved one’s bathroom to include grab bars or a walk-in tub with a seat can make it easier and safer to bathe and groom. If your loved one has decreased mobility and sometimes uses a wheelchair or cane to get around, installing ramps and stairlifts can help him or her maneuver through the home with greater ease.

2. Increased Emotional Health 

Your loved one’s emotional wellbeing is also important. Walk around his or her home to see how inviting it is. Painting the rooms in warm and relaxing colors, removing any clutter, and putting things like cheerful flowers and sachets with calming scents in the home can help make it an emotionally healthier place to live.

3. Make Life Easier for Those with Physical Ailments

If your loved one has arthritis, installing lever door knobs and touch faucets can make it easier for him or her to perform simple tasks like opening doors or cabinets to retrieve dishes and getting water to make tea. Failing eyesight can also be a complication for seniors. Improve the lighting around the interior and exterior of your loved one’s home and install devices that allow him or her to turn the lights on and off by clapping.

4. Fall Prevention

Replace the throw rugs in your loved one’s home with nonslip ones with rubber backs to help prevent him or her from tripping and falling. Also, make sure you put nonslip stair treads on any steps inside and outside the home.

Seniors who cannot perform most of life’s daily tasks without assistance may need around-the-clock supervision. If your loved one needs trusted Philadelphia live-in care, turn to Home Care Assistance. With our caregivers watching over your loved one, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing he or she is in professional and caring hands. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call a Care Manager today at (215) 645-4663.


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