How to Take Care of a Senior with Hearing Impairment

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Caring for Hearing Impaired Seniors in Philadelphia, PA

Hearing impairment is common among seniors, and it can pose a few challenges for keeping them safe and comfortable. From increasing communication to promoting independence, here are some strategies to help provide Philadelphia home care for your senior loved one with hearing loss.

Decrease Background Noises

When a senior has hearing loss, it can be hard to filter through various noises to hear the right one. Before having a conversation, turn off noisy appliances and make sure you are in a quiet room. You can also use furniture, rugs, and wall hangings to reduce echoing sounds in large rooms.

Practice Effective Communication Techniques

Communication is one of the biggest challenges encountered by those with hearing impairment, and being able to understand their loved ones is important for a senior’s emotional wellbeing. Since many people with hearing loss use facial expressions to gather the context of a message, make it a point to position yourself so your loved one can see your face. Speak slowly and remember it may take several times saying something before your loved one understands completely.

Keep Up with Medical Appointments

Seniors with hearing impairment may need to visit their doctors at least yearly for checkups. At these appointments, a physician can check to see if your loved one’s hearing has decreased further and make sure his or her hearing aids are working properly. If necessary, arrange for a Philadelphia hourly caregiver to provide transportation to and from these appointments because maintenance of your loved one’s hearing is critical for preventing future hearing loss.

Use New Technology

Assistance for seniors with hearing impairment goes far beyond hearing aids. Your loved one can benefit from special devices that use vibrations, lights, and low tones to signal important information. From smoke detectors that shine bright lights throughout the house to phones that vibrate when someone calls, your loved one can use these devices to increase his or her independence and safety.

Being able to communicate effectively and live independently despite hearing impairment can help boost a senior’s emotional wellbeing. For other solutions to promote your loved one’s health, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers make wonderful companions, and they can also provide transportation to medical appointments and assist with a wide variety of daily tasks. We also offer comprehensive Alzheimer’s, post-stroke, and Parkinson’s care in Philadelphia. To learn more about our senior care services and to schedule a free consultation in your loved one’s home, call (215) 645-4663 today.


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