5 Natural Ways for Seniors to Beat Springtime Allergies

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Natural Remedies for Senior Allergies

With spring here, allergy season is gearing up. Seniors and older adults are often more sensitive to pollen in the first few weeks of spring and feel the effects of allergies before their younger counterparts. To help provide relief during the spring, the professional and trained caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Philadelphia suggest a few natural treatment methods to help keep allergy symptoms at bay.

1. Control the Environment

Budding flowers and freshly cut grass can aggravate allergy symptoms, especially on a windy day. It’s important that seniors and their caregivers recognize which allergens aggravate sinuses and cause congestion and how to limit exposure. On certain days, it may be better to enjoy an indoor activity to avoid a flare up.

2. Take a Supplement

Immune boosting supplements can minimize the effects of pollen, pet dander and more. Seniors should meet with their doctor or primary care physician to determine the safety and effectiveness of supplements. A doctor will also be able to provide directions for how to properly take supplements to help build immunity.

3. Visit an Allergist

Allergists are specialists in their field and may be able to offer additional insight into how to minimize the effects of springtime allergens. They may recommend treatment options such as steroid injections, eyedrops and prescription medications that can help to block inflammatory chemicals, preventing redness, swelling, itching, sneezing and more.

4. Acupuncture

Studies have shown that acupuncture may help relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies. For some patients, noticeable benefits were experienced after only a few treatments, while others found relief steadily over a more extended period of time that included 8-10 sessions.

5. HEPA Filters

Installing HEPA filters in the HVAC system can help to minimize all of the allergen particles floating in the air. Reducing any allergens in the home can help prevent allergy attacks.

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