Family Caregiving: Questions After a Dementia Diagnosis

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Dementia Questions Families Ask

When someone close to you is diagnosed with dementia, questions arise about your loved one’s future quality of life and how to meet their changing needs. Breaking down each question into the following categories can make task at hand seem more approachable.

What Changes Can Be Expected?

Being diagnosed with dementia means changes are inevitable. Your loved one’s physical and cognitive abilities will change gradually as he or she progresses through each stage of dementia. Learn as much as you can about the symptoms of the disease and how to best provide care. Along with online resources, your loved one’s doctor can provide you with valuable information to ensure you are ready to provide the level of care that your loved one will need to maintain comfort and safety. If you feel unequipped to meet care needs, hourly and live-in care in Philadelphia is a great option for support and respite.

How Will Dementia Affect Daily Life?

When thinking about how dementia will affect a loved one’s daily life, try to put yourself in their shoes. Cognitive changes brought on by dementia can cause seniors to say things they don’t mean or they may be confused, agitated, or anxious about everyday activities. Although patience will be key in making sure a senior loved one’s needs are met, you’ll want to plan extra time for simple activities and it will be of the utmost importance to create a regular routine. Seniors with dementia thrive when a regular schedule is in place because it helps them understand what time of day it is.

Will My Loved One Become a Different Person?

Dementia can cause changes in behavior and can make family members wonder if their loved one is still the same person. Cognitive changes account for a majority of behavior changes, however seniors with dementia may also exhibit feelings of frustration or depression in lucid states because they are unable to remember an important detail or complete a task independently. Remind yourself that your loved one’s changes in behavior are a result of the disease, and provide as much support and love as possible as they navigate this new stage of life.

How Can I Support a Senior Loved One with Dementia?

There are many ways to support a senior loved one with dementia, from providing help with daily activities, cooking, and light housekeeping to offering companionship and emotional support. Yet, for some families, providing around-the-clock care can be difficult. When this is the case, turn to the professional Philadelphia dementia caregivers from Home Care Assistance. Available on an hourly or live-in schedule, caregivers can provide seniors with the high level of support they need, while offering family caregivers respite and time to relax.

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