Foods Increasing Risk of Senior Dehydration

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Foods Increasing Senior Dehydration RIsk

During the hot summer months, it’s easy to become dehydrated as the body loses more fluids than it’s taking in. Seniors, who often have trouble detecting feelings of thirst, are even more at risk because they feel they do not need to drink water. Along with a few gentle reminders throughout the day to consume water, Philadelphia Home Care Assistance recommends the following foods in the summer season to reduce the risk for dehydration.

  • Fried FoodsFried foods are always associated with high salt content. This extra salt can quickly overload the body, draw out water, and lead to dehydration. If fried foods are consumed in moderation, it’s important to follow up the meal with extra water to combat the sodium content.
  • Cured MeatsWith the high salt content in cured meats, most people feel the excessive thirst that goes along with them. As the elderly do not feel this type of thirst as readily as a younger person, cured meats can quickly cause their body to dehydrate.
  • PopcornPopcorn can be a healthy snack for older adults, however the high sodium content can leave a senior’s mouth dry and can cause the body to dehydrate. If your loved one has a craving for popcorn, look for lower-sodium options which are a great compromise.
  • AsparagusAsparagus offers many nutritional benefits, it is known to cause the body to produce more urine. One small serving of asparagus each week is all the elderly should enjoy, as too much, along with a low intake of fluids, could increase the overall risk of dehydration.
  • AlcoholAlcohol, specifically wine, has been deemed to have many health benefits when consumed in moderation. However, one or two drinks can quickly dehydrate a senior. If your senior wants to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages, be sure that they drink water before and after.

Nobody wants to be monitored for everything they eat and drink, especially your senior loved one. However, if your senior has had any issues with dehydration, it’s very important to have a conversation about the foods they should and shouldn’t indulge in.

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