Preparing for the Care of a Loved One with Parkinson’s

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Tips for Parkinsons Caregivers

If you have recently discovered that a loved one has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you probably want to do all that you can to help them through this time. Though this diagnosis will be a challenge for your family, there are certain things that you can do to keep your loved one safe and comfortable. The following are a few expert tips for how to prepare for the care of a senior loved one with Parkinson’s, presented by Home Care Philadelphia.

Plan for Medication Management

Administering medication is a very important part of caring for someone with Parkinson’s. Having a plan in place to manage their medication is essential for their comfort and safety. Most patients have to try a number of different medications to determine which combination works the best for their individual case. Knowing how to look for side-effects, doing research on common drug interactions and ensuring that your loved one takes the right medication at the right time is an essential part of being a caregiver.

Make Exercise Part of Your Loved Ones Routine

One of the other things that you can do for your loved one who has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s is to make exercise part of their lives. There have been numerous studies that show daily exercise for Parkinson’s patients can significantly reduce the physical limitations that many patients experience down the road by helping to increase flexibility and range of motion. The proper exercises can also help seniors preserve muscle strength, which can in turn enhance balance and prevent falls.

Have a Team To Back You Up

Many people have the goal of keeping their loved ones at home as long as possible. In order to do this, however, you need to ensure that you are not putting all of the caregiver responsibilities onto yourself. It is always best to have a team of people, if possible, to assist as the disease progresses. Remember, if you are overwhelmed and not at your best, you cannot offer the best level of care to your loved one. This is especially important as your aging loved one’s needs progress, as they are likely to benefit most from services such as live-in care. Click here to learn more about live-in or 24 hour care in Philadelphia.

For more information on preparing for the care of a loved one who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Philadelphia. Along with flexible hourly and live-in care schedules, we provide advanced Philadelphia Parkinson’s care with no long-term contracts or commitments required. Call 215-645-4663 to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager and provide your loved one with the care they need and deserve.


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