Therapy Options for Senior Stroke Survivors

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Post-Stroke Therapies for Senior Recovery

Strokes affect patients in different ways. Some seniors will experience short-term memory loss, while others may be challenged by paralysis or a change in motor skills. While the most appropriate treatment method for your parent or loved one will be determined by his or her doctor, the Philadelphia stroke caregivers from Home Care Assistance wanted to share some of the common therapy options for senior stroke survivors.

Speech Therapy

Those who experience speech, communication, or swallowing difficulties after a stroke may benefit from speech therapy. Speech pathologists assist seniors with various exercises that are designed to help strengthen the muscles and movements of the mouth and throat so the senior can better perform activities of daily living.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists can treat physical, emotional, and cognitive difficulties faced by stroke patients. Occupational therapists set goals with the patient about what they would like to achieve. A number of exercises are then utilized to help stroke survivors adapt to their environment and re-learn skills to carry out daily activities, promoting independence, self-esteem and achievement.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists can help stroke survivors to regain use of limbs and muscles impaired by stroke. They teach patients strategies to compensate for lost functionality when complete recovery is not possible and engage the patient in long-term exercise programs designed to help retain newly learned skills.

Music Therapy

Music therapy has been clinically proven to be an effective way to help patients recover. The familiar sounds of a favorite song can promote cognitive function and communication should the senior be able to sing along. Music therapy can also directly affect a senior’s mood, enhancing outlook and positivity.

A single therapy, or combination of therapies, can help seniors regain loss function and ability from a stroke. While recovery is often a multi-step, long-term process, the right support systems can help seniors continue to enjoy life after a stroke.

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