4 Practical Kitchen Gadgets for Seniors

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Kitchen Gadgets For Elderly

Do you remember the childhood satisfaction of being able to do things yourself? Tying your shoes, fastening buttons, and zipping up a jacket were great triumphs. Likewise, being independent in one’s golden years can help to boost confidence. If your aging parent or loved one is experiencing changes in abilities, Home Care Philadelphia, PA shares a few favorite gadgets that will make kitchen activities easy, safe, and fun.

1.  Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener

It can be painful and hard for arthritic hands to open jars. The Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener streamlines the process. The palm-sized unit has two sets of grips. The top pair locks onto the lid of a jar, and the lower pair grasps the jar to keep it stable. To activate the device, press the “Open Jar” button until the motor starts. The grips go to work, closing in on the jar for easy removal of the lid.

Purchasing Information – This jar opener sells for $9.95 at online retailers like Amazon.

2.  Devil Oven Pull

Pulling out an oven rack can be tricky. One needs grip strength, back flexibility, and caution to avoid burns. The Devil Oven Pull can make removing oven items a piece of cake. Hook the devil (a literal devil with a smiling face) onto an oven rack and he easily brings it toward you. He also facilitates rotating pans, repositioning ovenware, and sliding the oven rack back. The device can also be used with a toaster oven rack and pan.

Purchasing Information – This charming guardian can be purchased for around $6 at online retailers like Amazon.

3.  Medline 31″ Platinum Reacher

For seniors short in height, or those who experience stiffness and sore muscles, reaching shelves is challenging. The Medline Platinum Reacher is a rod with a handle at the top and grasping mechanism at the bottom. The Medline Reacher is lightweight at only 14 ounces, and is uniquely designed for those with hand or wrist arthritis. The handle enables all five fingers to close the jaws. The clamp securely picks up items weighing less than 5 lbs.

Purchasing Information – The Platinum Reacher is available for around $7 at online retailers like Amazon.

4.  Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

Dehydration is common in the elderly. The prospect of having to lift a heavy container to pour a beverage can discourage a senior from drinking enough. Fortunately, the Magic Tap Drink Dispenser can tip the scale in your senior’s favor. Magic Tap is a dispenser that fits over the mouth of a bottle. The adapter adjusts to any bottle size. Connected to the device is a large straw that draws liquid upward. Two AA batteries power the mechanism.

To use Magic Tap, place the device over a bottle mouth. Press down the silicone flaps, creating a seal. Then press your glass against the trigger. Your beverage will come through the spout. A lock prevents dripping after a drink is dispensed. Bottles fitted with Magic Tap can be left in the fridge for easy, spill-proof pouring.

Purchasing Information – Magic Tap sells for $9.99 plus $6.99 for shipping and handling from their website www.ideastreamproducts.com.

Additional Help for Seniors at Home

While the above devices can help promote independence and safety for your aging parent or loved one, if you feel he or she could benefit from additional help, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Philadelphia today. We provide hourly and live-in care Philadelphia families trust and have a team of highly trained and compassionate caregivers available for assistance 24/7. Call 215-645-4663 and request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation for more information.


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