Keeping the Mind Young by Staying Social

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Senior Social Ties and Brain Health

Staying in touch with close friends and family and taking part in social activities is even more important as people enter their golden years. At Home Care Assistance of Philadelphia, our proprietary approach to care, The Balanced Care Method, stresses the importance of maintaining social ties later in life because doing so can keep seniors healthy, happy and even mentally alert! Check out some of the other ways staying social benefits older adults.

Physical Benefits

From group exercise classes to walking groups and gardening clubs, seniors can keep their minds sharp with good conversation and socialization, while also working on their physical health. In fact, many health care professionals recommend that seniors work out with a friend, family member, or caregiver because it provides accountability. Seniors are more likely to look forward to the activity and stick with it if another person is involved.

Emotional Benefits

Aging adults are at higher risk for feelings of depression, isolation, and boredom. Keeping an active social life can stave off these feelings by providing seniors with opportunities to meet new people and try new things. Seniors are often able to attain a sense of purpose or self-esteem by attending social events. Some studies show that socially active seniors are better able to respond to stress and dramatic life changes better than those who spend most of their days alone.

Mental Benefits

We’ve all heard the term “use it or lose it” when it comes to keeping the mind sharp in the later years of life. Socialization is a great way to keep the mind sharp, as it provides opportunities to communicate with other people, share thoughts and opinions on current events, play games together, or take classes. All of these things can improve cognitive function and provide opportunities for seniors to develop new skills or sharpen existing ones.

Getting Your Loved One Involved

There are many ways for seniors today to keep an active social life. By starting with their interests and hobbies, seniors can find a wealth of clubs, classes and groups with other people who share their passions. Hiring a Philadelphia home care is another great option. Friendly and compassionate caregivers can provide companionship to your parent or loved one, while also assisting with household chores, medication reminders, transportation for personal events, and more.

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