5 Major Health Benefits of Senior Home Care

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5 Ways Seniors Benefit from In-Home Care in Philadelphia, PA

Though some seniors make the decision to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility when they can no longer live safely and comfortably without assistance, many are opting for in-home care instead. In-home care offers several advantages for the elderly, and many family caregivers in Philadelphia and their senior loved ones report the following 5 benefits associated with aging in place.

1. Reduces Stress

In-home care prevents the stress of moving and changing routines and allows your loved one to keep treasured personal belongings. Maintaining familiar surroundings in this way can help reduce the confusion, agitation, and even injury associated with living in an unfamiliar environment. Recognizable sights and sounds are especially beneficial for seniors receiving dementia care in Philadelphia because the familiarity triggers positive emotions and memories.

2. Lowers the Risk of Infection

If your loved one is recuperating from an illness or surgery, in-home care is often a preferable option because it reduces exposure to contagious diseases and allows for a quiet and calm recovery experience away from other seniors. Many seniors recover more quickly when receiving in-home care because they have less risk of infection.

3. Meets Individual Needs

By nature, in-home care is tailored to a senior’s individual needs and provides a higher quality of care and more flexibility than assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Your loved one can receive one-on-one attention from a Philadelphia caregiver and does not need to be restricted to a generic routine.

4. Encourages Independence

The increased independence associated with receiving Philadelphia home care can contribute to your loved one’s longevity. Your loved one can continue with his or her daily routine and maintain responsibility for appropriate household chores as long as he or she is able. Even making everyday decisions about meals and outfits can contribute to a sense of wellbeing.

5. Promotes Emotional Wellbeing

In-home care allows your loved one the freedom to be around family and friends without restrictions, promoting emotional wellbeing. Your loved one can also maintain ties to the neighborhood or community as desired, and his or her pets can remain a part of his or her life.

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