5 Benefits of Continuing to Learn in the Senior Years

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The Benefits of Continued Learning for Seniors in Philadelphia, PA

Taking the stance that learning is a lifelong pursuit holds many benefits for seniors receiving home care Philadelphia. As your elderly loved one explores new ways to expand the mind, he or she can experience the following 5 benefits of learning something new every day.

1. Stave Off Memory Loss

Your loved one may be a senior, but this does not mean he or she has to experience the little memory lapses that make life frustrating. He or she can make a point to look up new information every day. When your loved one learns a new fact or skill, neural connections are formed in the brain that enhance the ability to think clearly.

2. Connect with the Younger Generation

As a family expands, it is important for seniors to be able to keep up with even the youngest grandchild. Learning new things gives your loved one a way to generate conversational topics that can interest people from all walks of life. To make the most of this, your loved one should strive to explore new topics he or she would not normally look into, such as robotics or the latest gaming technology.

3. Gain Confidence

After retirement, it is normal to feel a slight drop in confidence until finding a new purpose in life. Furthering education is one way your loved one can continue to gain new skills he or she can use while volunteering or even around the home. If your loved one ends up returning to work at some point, having current skills can help him or her reenter the workforce with confidence.

4. Reduce Symptoms of Health Conditions

There are many health conditions that can interfere with memory and speech, including Alzheimer’s and strokes. For this reason, doing crossword puzzles and other learning activities involving words is recommended for older adults. These types of activities can increase your loved one’s vocabulary and verbal recall so he or she can prevent lingering symptoms caused by illness.

5. Enjoy Greater Wellbeing

Learning can make a senior feel better, both physically and mentally. Working on projects can refine your loved one’s motor skills and keep his or her joints and muscles limber. Additionally, being able to master a new concept can fill your loved one’s spirit with confidence that will be noticed by the people he or she meets.

Continuing to stimulate the brain in the senior years is one of the most effective ways to delay the onset of memory-related conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. To help seniors stave off cognitive decline, the senior care experts at Home Care Assistance created an engaging activities-based program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method. In addition to Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Philadelphia, we also offer comprehensive Parkinson’s and stroke care. For more information on our elderly care services, call a Care Manager today at (215) 645-4663.


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