Home Safety Tips for the Elderly

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Home Safety For Elderly

As the vast majority of seniors would prefer to live in their own homes as long as possible, it’s important to help your senior loved one find ways to be safe while living independently. To help ensure that mobility challenges don’t make living at home dangerous for your elderly loved one, check out these four home safety tips, presented by Home Care Assistance of Philadelphia.

1. Secure the Bathroom

Because of wet tile and linoleum, bathrooms can pose safety hazards for seniors who might slip. To help prevent falls, place nonskid mats inside and outside of the bathtub for secure footing while bathing and entering or exiting the shower. Particularly if your loved one usually uses a walker or cane, you might also consider installing grab bars or shower chairs that can provide a sturdy hold for your loved one while he or she navigates the bathroom.

2. Inspect the Floors

Prevent falling by inspecting your loved one’s home for potential hurdles. As many seniors have a shuffling gait, loose cords, cables, threshold dividers, area rugs, or other obstacles on the ground can quickly lead to tumbles. Remember to keep an eye open for tears or bulges in wall-to-wall carpeting that might lead to your loved one’s foot getting snagged. Likewise, make sure that a family member or hourly caregiver in Philadelphia consistently keep the floor clear of clutter in every room, ensuring there is a clear, wide path for your loved one to navigate the house.

3. Lighten Up

The vision problems that are common among seniors can make navigating the home difficult at night, which is why good lighting is a must for keeping your senior loved one safe. Especially in the evening, make sure all hallways, outside porches, and entryways are well lit. Installing nightlights in hallways and bathrooms can also make midnight walks to the bathroom safer for your loved one. Remote control lights may be helpful, allowing your loved one to control the lights in the house without having to find the light switch in a dimly lit room.

Help ensure that your loved one is safe when he or she is living alone by hiring a professional caregiver. At Home Care Assistance, our experienced caregivers can assist seniors with a variety of physical and mental challenges, including providing high-caliber Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s care in Philadelphia. Reach out to a Care Manager at (215) 645.4663 to learn more and to schedule your free no-obligation consultation.


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