Does Mom or Dad have Dementia? Identifying the Warning Signs.

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As a caregiver, you’re closely tuned in to the behaviors and health of your loved one. But it can be difficult to tell whether confusion and memory loss are normal parts of aging, or whether they are harbingers of dementia. Today, Philadelphia Home Care Assistance is going to talk about some of the warning signs that should spur you to have your aging parent evaluated for dementia.

In general, dementia is defined as having two simultaneous types of mental impairment that affect day to day life. This means that while memory loss is a cause for concern, it is not alone usually enough to determine that your loved one has dementia. While Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia symptoms, it can also manifest on its own.

Someone with dementia may have trouble doing tasks that used to come easily. Common examples are making a favorite meal, driving a familiar route or taking care of monthly bills. You may also notice mom or dad repeats themselves frequently, even if you’re in daily communications.

Language problems are also a common sign of dementia. For example, your parent may struggle to find the right words to express his or her thoughts and feelings, and carrying on a conversation might be difficult.

Personality changes are another warning sign of potential mental deterioration. For example, is your usually sweet mother lashing out at family members, friends, or strangers? Or is your formerly reserved and shy father suddenly very talkative with people he doesn’t know?

Because these changes can be subtle, it can be difficult to determine when you should consult a physician. The benchmark to keep in mind is whether the problems your loved one is having are pervasively affecting daily life.

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