Activities Seniors Can Share with Grandchildren

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Activities With Grandchildren

Finding activities seniors can enjoy with their grandchildren can be challenging, especially for those receiving Philadelphia Home Care, as they may need additional consideration regarding their health. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for your elderly loved one and his or her grandchildren to spend some quality time together.

Catching a Matinee at the Theater

Going to the movies at night or in the evening can be challenging, even for seniors who still drive, but catching a Saturday matinee may be easier to manage. Some theaters even offer weekday discounted shows with special appeal to kids and their grandparents.

Reading a Storybook Together

For seniors with reduced mobility, sharing storybooks can be a true bonding experience with the grandchildren in their lives. Classic stories that date back to their own childhoods are largely still available in newer and shinier editions. If your loved one has many grandchildren, story time can take on a life of its own as they all enjoy hearing Grandma or Grandpa read aloud to them.

Feeding the Ducks at the Park

If the local park has a lake or pond, it is likely to be inhabited by ducks. Seniors who are mobile can take their grandchildren to the park and feed stale bread to the ducks together. Young children often enjoy the chance to interact with the ducks, which makes this a great way for your loved one and his or her grandchildren to spend time with one another outdoors.

Baking Cookies

Many adults have fond memories of learning to bake with a grandparent. Using an old family recipe can make it even more special. Cookies are generally easy to prepare, requiring a short list of ingredients and less than 20 minutes baking time, which means your loved one’s grandchildren won’t have to wait very long to sample the tasty treats.

Going to a Museum

Art and educational experiences interest people of all ages. Many museums have accessibility options that make visits easier on seniors, including wheelchairs and elevators. Other assistive technology may be available as well. For seniors who can manage the visit, the trip to a museum with a curious grandchild can be a fascinating and eye-opening experience for both parties.

It’s important for seniors to have regular social interaction, whether it is with grandchildren or other people in their lives. There are caregivers in Philadelphia available to provide your loved one with transportation or assist with mobility when participating in these types of events.

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