What Exercises Benefit an Older Woman’s Health?

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Beneficial Exercises for Senior Women in Philadelphia, PA

Staying active is important at any age, and a woman who regularly exercises in her later years will have a better chance of maintaining her health and preventing certain diseases and ailments. To stay vibrant and healthy while receiving home care, Philadelphia, here are some exercises your elderly loved one should try.

Strength Training

Lifting weights or doing any type of exercise with resistance like arm raises and side planks can help your loved one prevent or slow the progression of bone-weakening diseases like osteoporosis. This type of exercise can also help aging women who have arthritis lessen their pain and reduce some symptoms of common ailments like depression and diabetes. If your loved one has limited mobility, strength training exercises can be made easier with the help of a live-in or part-time caregiver in Philadelphia.

Cardio Exercises

Active cardio exercises like jogging and swimming can help raise your loved one’s heart rate and significantly reduce her chances of having blockage or hardening of the arteries, which is a serious condition known as atherosclerosis. This condition is one of the major causes of heart disease and strokes in older women.


Doing yoga can benefit your loved one’s health both mentally and physically. The gentle stretching and twisting poses can promote bone health and are safe for an older woman with osteoporosis or other bone diseases. As your loved one ages, her range of motion may also decrease, which makes her more susceptible to falls. Yoga can not only help your loved one develop better flexibility and increase her range of motion, but it can also help her relieve stress, even out her moods, and keep her energized.

Brisk Walking

Going on regular brisk walks provides more than just the physical benefits. It can also help boost your loved one’s cognitive function. Walking can slow memory loss, protect her from developing dementia, and increase her overall mood. Your loved one may experience a positive change in her mood when she walks because regular exercise is believed to boost serotonin in the brain, which often leads to less depression and more happiness.

To learn more about how regular exercise can boost a senior woman’s health, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are available 24/7 to encourage exercise, help with mobility, and provide transportation to exercise-related activities. We also offer specialized Parkinson’s, post-stroke, and dementia care Philadelphia seniors can rely on. For more information on our senior care services, call a friendly Care Manager at (215) 645-4663 today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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