How to Make Sure Seniors with Alzheimer’s Eat Well

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Ways to Make Seniors with AD Eat in Philadelphia, PA

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often face difficulties when eating, which might be due to a lack of interest or caused by spatial confusion, among other reasons. Philadelphia home care experts suggest a few ways to help a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s stimulate his or her diet.

Don’t Be a Distraction

If you force adults with Alzheimer’s to multi-task, their attention might stray away from the food. If you see your loved one eating, try not to start a conversation and let him or her focus on eating.

Serve Finger Foods

Seniors with Alzheimer’s can have limited dexterity, and so utensils can be a stumbling block. If your loved one is having difficulty using a knife or fork, look for foods that can be eaten without utensils, such as chicken strips and apple slices.

Color Is Key

Alzheimer’s often leads to deteriorating vision. As a result, bright colors can be a great way to catch your loved one’s attention. If your aging loved one can’t visually process white plates, try switching to a red plate, and his or her food consumption might increase.

Choose Favorites

If there is a food your senior loved one eats consistently, don’t be afraid to serve it as often as possible. For instance, maybe he or she loves mashed potatoes or enjoys hot dogs. However, make sure your loved one gets his or her daily allotment of vitamins and minerals.

Use Supplements

If your senior loved one isn’t eating enough food, don’t be afraid to increase his or her calorie consumption with supplements. Meal replacement drinks such as Ensure and Boost are a good way to provide seniors with protein, sugar, and other important nutrients. On days when your loved one is avoiding healthy meals, a glass full of chocolate-flavored Ensure can give him or her full dose of nutrition.

The professional in-home caregivers at Home Care Assistance can prepare healthy and nutritious meals for seniors with Alzheimer’s and help stimulate their appetite. We offer reliable Alzheimer’s care in Philadelphia with a team of professionally trained caregivers. Get in touch with one of our experienced Care Managers today at (215) 645-4663 to learn about our services for seniors with Alzheimer’s.


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