6 Amazing Makeover Ideas for Senior Women

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Inspiring Makeover Ideas for Elderly Women in Philadelphia, PA

With the right clothes, makeup, and hairstyle, senior women can look and feel their best. Whether considering a few wardrobe changes or completely revamping their style, here are six simple makeover tips that can boost an elderly woman’s confidence.

1. Skip the Heavy Foundation

Covering blemishes and wrinkles with heavy foundation can create an unnatural look. Lighter foundation is a better alternative, and it often results in better coverage and a fresher appearance. Women should also consider applying foundation with a thinner brush. A soft foundation brush offers control over each individual layer of foundation.

Some senior women may require assistance with applying makeup and managing other everyday activities. Aging adults who require assistance with the tasks of daily living can benefit from reliable home care. Philadelphia families trust in Home Care Assistance to provide the high-quality care their elderly loved ones need and deserve. Our caregivers are trained to help seniors prevent and manage serious illnesses and encourage them to make healthier decisions as they age.

2. Wear Black Clothes with Bright Accessories

Black clothing can make a senior woman appear toned, but it also emphasis dark shadows under her eyes and chin. Adding a bright accessory to dark outfits draws the eyes away from the signs of aging. A vibrant scarf or necklace perfectly complements black shirts, jackets, and sweaters. When wearing a black outfit, senior women should accessorize with no more than two bright pieces.

3. Update Skirts

Longer skirts that move well beyond the knees tend to make an individual look wider and shorter. As an alternative, senior women might want to wear skirts with a hemline closer to their knees. When trying on a skirt, the hemline should pull in near the knees to accentuate curves. Women who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their knees should opt for longer skirts.

Some seniors prefer to manage shopping and other daily activities on their own. However, other seniors may need assistance with everyday tasks. Older adults who need help maintaining their independence while living at home can benefit from having an elderly caregiver. Philadelphia, PA, seniors increase their chances of aging in place safely and comfortably when they have a trusted professional to rely on.

4. Invest in the Right Jeans

Stretch denim is often marketed to older women who want to blend comfort and style. When jeans are too stretchy, it can result in unflattering folds and lines that make women look heavier. Jeans with two percent elastic fiber are a comfortable option for senior women who want comfortable and fitted pants.

5. Accentuate Gray Hair

Masking gray hair can make a senior woman’s hairstyle look unnatural. Allowing some of the gray hair to show can give elderly women a refined and healthy look. Women who are having difficulty choosing a color might want to try out a few different temporary rinses until finding a hue they love.

6. Don’t Hide Behind Glasses

Seniors may need glasses as they grow older, and many women try to hide the bags under their eyes with large or bulky frames. However, bulky frames can make their faces look wider and flatter. Thin frames with one or two small embellishments will bring attention to their glasses and eyes.

For many seniors in Philadelphia, PA, live-in home care is an essential component of aging in place safely and comfortably. However, it’s important for them to have caregivers they can trust and rely on. At Home Care Assistance, we extensively screen all of our live-in and 24-hour caregivers and only hire those who have experience in the senior home care industry. Our strict requirements ensure seniors can remain in the comfort of home with a reduced risk of injury or serious illness. To request free information about our high-quality senior care plans or to hire a dedicated caregiver for your aging loved one, call us at (215) 645-4663 today.


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