How to Help Seniors Adjust to 24-Hour Home Care

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Ways to help the Elderly Adjust to round the clock Homecare in Philadelphia, PA

When a senior needs more than part-time care, having a caregiver available around the clock can positively impact the senior’s health. However, you can use these strategies to help your elderly loved one adjust to the new 24-hour home care arrangement.

Focus on the Positive

When your loved one needs more care than he or she has been receiving, it is often during a time of stress. For this reason, it is important to focus on the positive things your loved one can gain from having a Philadelphia 24-hour caregiver. More restful sleep, assistance getting to the restroom, and reminders to take medication reminders can all help promote independence and make life easier for your loved one.

Establish Communication Methods

When more than one person is providing 24-hour home care, Philadelphia caregivers should ensure everyone is on the same page. Establish ways to communicate and make sure everyone agrees with the methods used. For example, keeping a log allows caregivers and family members to instantly see what needs to be done next. When your loved one sees everyone is working together, he or she may be more comfortable with the changes in his or her care.

Assess the Current Daily Routine

It is important to try to keep your loved one’s daily routine the same as much as possible. If changes need to be made, they should be done gradually. This way, your loved one can benefit from knowing his or her day-to-day life still remains the same.

Arrange for a Meeting to Get Acquainted with the Caregiver

Some seniors welcome the reassurance that comes from having around-the-clock care. However, your loved one may be nervous about having someone new provide assistance. If possible, arrange for your loved one’s current caregiver or a family member to stay with him or her during the initial meeting. The new caregiver can spend time getting acquainted with your loved one before taking over his or her care.

Transitioning into 24-hour home care can be a challenging and emotional experience for seniors, but Home Care Assistance is here to make the transition as safe and comfortable as possible for your loved one. In addition to 24-hour care, we also offer Philadelphia respite care, and our caregivers are expertly trained to assist with a variety of household tasks. Learn more about the high-quality senior home care we provide by calling (215) 645-4663 and speaking with one of our qualified Care Managers.


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